Carroll Arnold's Honorarium on 9-20-03

Last summer, Sam Potter approached me about doing something special to honor Carroll Arnold for the way he has stayed in touch with so many of us over the years. After a few phone calls and emails, I found a lot of support. We also decided to pitch in and get Carroll a digital camera, which I knew he had been talking about. In just a few days, the budget was covered with enough left over to cover the web site hosting expense through 2004.

We knew Carroll was planning to meet a couple of college fraternity brothers for lunch at Steak N Shake before the Viking Feast Picnic, so a few of us surprised him by being there when he arrived. View the photos of the presentation below.

Carroll's Presentation 009-A.jpg
Carroll was surprised to find some of his classmates waiting at Steak N Shake.

Carroll's Presentation 005-A.jpg
Harold Shelton presented the plaque.

Carroll's Presentation 006-A.jpg
Carroll was speachless for a few minutes.

Carroll's Presentation 007-A.jpg
Carroll shows the plaque to the rest of us.

Carroll's Presentation 008-A.jpg
He was really blown away when we presented the camera.

Carroll's Presentation 010-A.jpg
Carroll takes his first picture with the camera provided by a group classmates who value his friendship.

Carroll 3-11-05-w.jpg

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