Carroll's Chatter

This page is Carroll Arnold's gossip column. He stayed in touch with many of our classmates and gave frequent reports on them.

Carroll passed away April 26, 2010. You'll enjoy watching the exchange between Carroll and V.J. Brown at our 45th class reunion. You'll also enjoy the the page about classmates honoring Carroll on 9/20/2003.

Carroll has been something of a class historian, so we've decided to archive all of his columns. Click on the links below to read any of his columns.

Carroll had a kidney transplant in March of 2005 and provided progress reports for the next year.

12-9-05 Ikey Houtz

10-10-05 Myrna White Clinkenbeard

01-17-04 Donnie Smith

12-03 Donna Gladden Payne

10-14-03 Bonnie Walker

07-02-03 Dave Smith

04-19-03 Elaine Brown

04-17-03 Karen Finley

02-12-03 Reunion Quiz

02-11-03 Suzy Park

02-06-03 Bill Gurley

11-16-02 45th Reunion Review

08-22-02 John Warner

12-20-01 General News

11-01-01 Mini-reunion Review

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