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We started a new Recent Photos page in 2009. The original Recent Photos page contains photos through 2008. Send me your photos to share with your friends and classmates.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 2-09
We had a mini-spring fling at Monty Dennison's villa in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico February 2009. Those who went were: Judy Fredrick Mason, Judy Grier Thompson, Monty Dennison, Morey McDaniel, and me (Brena Bain Walker).

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 2-09
Our significant others are Valerie Tapscott (Monty), Carol McClain McDaniel (Morey), John Walker (Brena), Perry Mason (Judy F), and Bob Thompson (Judy G).

Ikey Houtz on the grill 7-11-09
Ikey tends to the burgers and dogs on the grill he built in his backyard.

Bo & Carol McClerkin 2010
Bo & Carol in Big Sky, MT.

Myrn 1
Myrn with brother, Dudley White, 1970 Parkview graduate.

Myrn 2

Myrn 4
Myrn with husband, Bill Clinkenbeard 1954 Central graduate.

Myrn 3
Myrn with daughters and grandson - Tracy Schay Curry, Ashley Schay Gormley, Kelly Schay Heiser and Luke Heiser.

2011 Holiday Greetings from Monty Dennison & Valerie Tapscott while wintering in San Miguel de Allende.

Ray Conrad
Ray Conrad with his wife Joed (in wheel chair), daughters Melanie & Katherine and 3 of his grandchildren. After being sworn in as Federal Public Defender for Western MO.

Ray Conrad 2
Ray Conrad being sworn in for the 9th 4-year term as Federal Public Administrator for Western MO. Judge Robert E Larsen, Chief Magistrate, admistered the oath. 2012

Wilbur Walker 1960
This kid was 22 years old when this picture was taken in 1960. Proud to be an Airman, and an American, and getting ready to tackle the world. Who knew how tough that would be? Went down a lot of roads and did a lot of things getting here. Some I would like to do again, some I would never do again. For the most part, life has been good.

Classmates 2012
Brena Bain Walker, John Walker, Valerie Tapscott, Monty Dennison, Judy Frederick Mason, Perry Mason, Judy Grier Thompson, Bob Thompson, Nancy Ross Stubblefield, Joe Stubblefield.

Monty & friends in Mexico
Monty Dennison sent this photo in February 2014. Looks like a good time with friends in Mexico.

Brena Bain Walker with Monty Dennison
Brena Bain Walker and Monty Dennison in Mexico in 2015.

John & Brena Bain Walker
John & Brena during their visit to Mexico in 2015.

Charleston, SC Nov, 2015
Brenna Bain Walker sent this photo of Parkview Grads in Charleston. From left, Judy Fredrick Mason, Monty Dennison, Judy Grier Thompson, Nancy Ross Stubblefield, Joe Stubblefield, and Brena Bain Walker.

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