Parkview Scrapbook

This page is devoted to photos from our classmate's scrapbooks. Do you have a photo or two from that special time? If so, send it to me so I can post it here. You can email me a description and attach a JPEG of the photo to Or you can mail an original to Jim Hurd at 4035 E. Whitehall Drive, Springfield, MO 65809-2253. I'll scan the photos(s) and return the original(s) to you.

Bear in mind that these scans are from photos taken more than 40 years ago and not always stored under the best conditions. Photography has made some great progress in 50 years. Names will be listed when known, but there may be errors as we try to look back over so many years to recall them. Please let me know if you have additions or corrections.

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Sharon Usery 1
This photo was taken in 1956.

Jarrett 8th Grade Xmas Party
This photo is complements of Myrna White (Clinkenbeard). Servers L-R: Carolyn Kay White, Sandy Magers, Myrna White. In Line: Beverly Robbins, Mike Fox, Karen Fulton, Don McDaniel. Seated L-R: Norva Anderson, Bonnie Bee Walker, Coetta Mack, Shirley Clayton. Standing: Don Wright.

Gaynor Stiles
Photo complements of Myrna White.

Janet Gentry 1
Photo taken in 1956.

Jarrett Play
Play at Jarrett Jr. High. Complements of Sharon Usrey.

Myrna White & Linda Johnson
Complements of Myrna White.

Jarrett Chorus Line
Complements of Sharon Usrey.

Jerry Selig
Complements of Sharon Usrey.

Slumber Party 1
Complements of Sharon Usrey.

Slember Party 2
Kay McCullah, Norva Anderson, Sheila Hyde, Dora Brown. Complements of Sharon Usrey.

Jarrett Basketball Team
The original 8X10 photo was signed on the back by six of the players: Johnny Gailey #3, Jerry Rigdon #5, Harry Scott #2, Carroll Arnold #11, Steve Elliott #8, and Mark Adams #6. Complements of Sharon Usrey.

Valentine Fantasy 1
Myrna White sent us this 50-year old photo from the Bias Newspaper. In front: Anthony Stuery (kneeling) and Linda Holbert. Other girls L-R: Sandra Magers, Myrna White and Anita Turner. Other boys L-R: John Hodges, Bob Duncan and Mark Adams.

Fun in the snow 1
Jerry Selig Smith sent this photo of Peggy Turner, Sharon McKenzie, Rachel Hawkins and Sharon Usery

Fun in the snow 2
Jerry Selig Smith sent this photo of Peggy Turner, Sharon McKenzie, Rachel Hawkins and Sharon Usery

Harold Huddleston at SMS Relays 1955
Bo McClerkin sent this clipping. Standing on the sidelines RIGHT TO LEFT: Jerry Rigdon, Bo McClerkin, John Alley, Morry Beaty, unknown, and Tom Carpenter. Posted 1-17-10.

PHS 001 1957
Exterior of Parkview in the beginning.

PHS 017 1957
Exterior of Parkview in the beginning.

PHS 023 1957
Exterior of Parkview in the beginning.

Cheer Bears.jpg
Norva Anderson provided this photo from SMS (Now MSU). She and Sharon Usery are in the photo.

Mike Collier & Jerry Dotson
taken on Mikes front porch summer of 1956.

Mike Collier & Phillip Harris 1952

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