History of The 50's Bunch

Shortly after the 45th reunion for the Parkview Class of 1957, three friends and classmates discussed the fact that so many of our friends from other schools in the area were not included. Those three people were Carroll Arnold, Morey McDaniel, and Jim Hurd. We also felt that getting together just every 5 or 10 years was not often enough to keep people in touch. Gradually, the idea of an annual “reunion” that would include members of all the high schools began to take form and we decided to call it The 50’s Bunch.

The first Fling was held on September 25th 2004 at Summers at the River Sports Complex near Nixa. The event was a huge success with over 100 graduates from several local schools and graduation years. We decided to do a repeat the next year.

The 2nd Annual Fall Fling was moved to Cartoons Oyster Bar & Grill and held on September 24th 2005. Again, we had nearly 100 people attend representing a number of classes. We continued to hold the Fall Flings at Cartoons Oyster Bar & Grill through 2009, but we decided to move the Flings to spring in 2007 so we didn’t conflict with Class Reunions of some of the schools. We decided to make the last Saturday of April the standard date for the Spring Flings so it would be easy for people to make advance plans.

In 2010 we moved the venue to Springfield Brewing Company. The first event there was on April 24th 2010 and it was the first year we began running a slide show of photos taken during the previous Flings. Attendance was beginning to drop to around 50 people attending the events. Several of the regulars had passed away by then. Among them were 2 of the original founders of The 50’s Bunch…Morey McDaniel in 2009 and Carroll Arnold in 2010. I have no doubt they continue to attend the flings in spirit. Myrna White Clinkenbeard (PHS57) has been a great help by handling reservations since 2005.

After 3 years at Springfield Brewing Co, we changed our venue to Coyote’s Adobe Café. We returned to Springfield Brewing Co. for the 2014 Spring Fling.

We changed the venue and schedule in 2015. We were at Fork & Spoon from 4:00 to 7:00 on the last Friday of April. For the first time we were able to order from the menu rather than rely on a buffet. This format proved to be very popular and we repeated the venue and format in 2016. The 2017 Spring Fling will move to Logan's Roadhouse. Friday April 28th 4:00 to 7:00, and we will order from the menu again.

We will continue to hold a Spring Fling as long as we have an interest in sharing time with our friends and classmates from the 50’s. We shared a wonderful time together then. The 50’s Bunch is dedicated to continuing those memories and friendships. The best way to keep the Spring Flings happening is for everyone to share the information with their own classmates. You can view the photos and read the recaps through links on The 50’s Bunch Home Page.

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